Zen Meditation: Allow, Accept, Surrender

Today’s meditation is brought to you by / from the thoughts, struggles, and evolution’s’ of the last year of my life.  To compare it to a roller-coaster would not be the most accurate metaphor.  But, it has been like a roller-coaster.  A lot of bumps, jiggles, quick turns, stops and starts, etc.  It’s been a lot of little and medium things going wrong, changes, and inconvenient issues.  There was a rather large trauma – so maybe my roller-coaster had a loop – I would say a medium loop.  Not an Earth-shattering event like … there is always someone with a worse off scenario playing out in their life, so in comparison I am lucky…  I ramble on and I apologize for that.  It is not the details that are important.  I would imagine that my details are unique to me, but the situation and journey is extremely similar to so many others.  I wonder if being dissatisfied with the status quo is what set the journey in motion or is it simply the journey of a human life?  The human condition?  With the series of unfortunate  random events that led to today’s issue; I have recently had an epiphany that maybe the whole thing is about letting go… ????

Timber Hawkeye quote

Today’s quotes and thoughts are from Timber Hawkeye, author of Buddhist Boot Camp.  I have not read the book, but I want to and I have been actively looking for a copy.  I may just bite the bullet and buy the Kindle version from Amazon, as no local lending places seem to have it…  So, the last few days I have been watching YouTube videos and interviews of him.  He calms my soul.  He has said the words that I needed to hear at just the right moment…  

I have endeavored to get the quotes right by replaying and writing what he said down.  Please forgive me if it is not exactly verbatim.  I believe the intention behind the words is correct.

“Instead of asking, “Why is this happening ‘to’ me?” ask, “Why is this happening ‘for’ me?”

“Sometimes things are working out in our favor and we don’t realize that they are because they are not playing out the way we thought they would.”

“Let go of the need to know…”

“Be open to the situation looking very different than you thought it would.”

“Get rid of the blueprint (he was talking about outcome expectation), just allow, accept, surrender – not giving every little thing in our lives so much weight.  Just flow through it.”

Not a direct quote, a summary:  Sometimes it is okay to bow out of a situation, someones life, etc. respectfully.  If is not working for you, or them, or …

A person at a book signing asked him:  “When will you write something new / more?  We want new stuff to read.”  TH replied:  “It’s not about taking in so much new.  It’s about letting go of the old.”

It is “strange” that I stumbled upon Timber Hawkeye a few days before the latest in a long line of learning experiences?  When one is so tired of “it all” that – yes, letting go – of course, it is the answer…

Meditation Assignment:

  1. Grab pillow.
  2. Sit or lay.
  3. Relax.
  4. Regulate breathing.
  5. Focus: Pick any one of the quotes / ideas for your intense calm, casually flow-y focus.

There is no right way to meditate.  It can be easy if you let it.  Beginner suggestions here.

Live long and evolve.  Monica Gaylor


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