Zen Meditation: Bulletproof

I love the experience of sitting around doing nothing.  Wasting time – just being.  Enjoying a guilty pleasure – like watching a movie illegally on YouTube perhaps…  And something unexpected pops up.  Fortune cookie wisdom.  An unexpected zen moment.  A little nugget of wise words, tucked away – waiting to be heard or discovered.  Pop Zen-dom at its best.  Maybe it is the thrill of the hunt…  I particularly like the quote below because I often remind my art students that it is not about forcing the art piece, it is about finessing it into what it will be.  If we took this approach with ourselves – I bet that change would be so much easier?

chow-yun-fat bulletproof monk

Quote and pic from Bulletproof Monk

“You must learn the unity of opposites.  Be mobile and stationary, defensive and offensive.

You attack with all the wrong weapons Kar.

It is not about anger, it is about peace.

It is not about power, it is about grace.

It is not about knowing your enemy, it is all about knowing yourself.”

Meditation Assignment:

  1. Grab pillow.
  2. Sit or lay.
  3. Relax.
  4. Regulate breathing.
  5. Focus: Explore these ideas – What does “peace” look like in your everyday life when you are both mobile and stationary and defensive and offensive?  And then ask the same question with “grace.”  The bigger picture is the Yin and Yang of life and where it connects with us (ourselves).  How well do you really know yourself?  Can you go-with-the-flow?  Always?  Sometimes?  What is the difference?  Why?
  6. Guided: You are walking down a lovely path with your 200 year old self.  You can sense the peace and grace within that being.  You.  S/he moves slowly, but confidently.  S/he is full of power and wisdom – it oozes from her/his being without preconception or expectation.  It just is.  Have a conversation…

There is no right way to meditate.  It can be easy if you let it.  Beginner suggestions here.

Live long and prosper.  Monica Gaylor