Zen Meditation: Fortune Cookie Zen

cute-cookie-monster-quote-last cookie zen

Ok then.  Here goes… (Click images to enlarge if need be.)


wrong fortune cookie mistake

fortune in fortune cookie

pick another fortune

fortune cookie snark

ignore fortune cookie

This is it… really…

fortune cookie zen

Meditation Assignment:

  1. Grab pillow.
  2. Sit or lay.
  3. Relax.
  4. Regulate breathing.
  5. Focus:  There are certain times when I am always in the moment, actually experiencing it.  But, other times – I am certainly not…  Think about the factors that make-up the times in your life: when you are in the moment and when you are out of the moment.  Do you step out of the moment to record it?  Is it when you are alone / down time?  Is it a habit?  Etc.  How could you be in the moment more?
  6. Guided:  You are hiking in a tall, heavily forested, rocky mountain range (think Middle Earth).  You are journeying to the peak of a very high mountain to speak with a Venerable Monk about a very serious matter that is always on your mind.  It is a hard walking / climbing path as there are many rocks, tree roots, and debris to be avoided.  If you take your mind off walking you will trip or twist an ankle.  You do this for many many days, stopping only to eat, sleep, and massage your feet.  At the top of one mountain you finally see it.  The bridge that leads to the Venerable Monks hut on another mountain peak.  You hike more hurriedly, but carefully and with total focus.  As you approach the bridge you begin to see it is in disrepair.  And long, very long.  But you also see the Monk’s hut and a nice warm fire with a pot balanced above it.  Your stomach growls.  You determine that last leg will be dangerous, but doable and you begin to walk the bridge with focus, determination, and the skills of an animal that hangs from trees all the time…  Finally you step off the wiggly bridge and you are overcome by exhaustion and hunger.  The Monk steps out to meet you.  He invites you to rest and eat and you do so happily.  After you have eaten the Monk finally asks why you have come.  You tell him that there is a serious matter that is always on your mind.  He replies, “When did you last think about it?”

Live long and in the moment.  By Monica Gaylor



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