Zen Meditation: Middle-Age Metamorphosis

butterfly morphing

The following excerpts come from David Brooks Op-ed Column in the New York Times called The Middle-Age Surge.  They are wise words to ponder:

“However, another profound but more hidden change is the altered shape of middle age. What could have been considered the beginning of a descent is now a potential turning point — the turning point you are most equipped to take full advantage of.”

“By middle age you might begin to see, retrospectively, the dominant motifs that have been running through your various decisions. You might begin to see how all your different commitments can be integrated into one meaning and purpose. You might see the social problem your past has made you uniquely equipped to tackle. You might have enough clarity by now to orient your life around a true north on some ultimate horizon.”

“From this perspective, middle age is kind of inspiring. Many of life’s possibilities are now closed, but limitation is often liberating. The remaining possibilities can be seized more bravely, and lived more deeply.”


Meditation Assignment:

  1. Grab pillow.
  2. Sit or lay.
  3. Relax.
  4. Regulate breathing.
  5. Focus:  On the quote above.  Where  do you want your “north” to be?  In what ways do you want to live more deeply?  In what ways do you want to be more brave and more liberated?  What old “ways / habits / thinking” can be left behind in favor of new ways, etc.?
  6. Guided:  Imagine you are a butterfly coming out of your cocoon.  You fly out into the world in which you want to live…

Post by Monica Gaylor.


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