Desire and Disappointment

tumblr_njdb3sor4N1tuy5mao1_500This is a guest post by Sam Keeter.

Desire can only create disappointment. It isn’t always that when you want something, you can’t get it, but more often then not when one pines for something, they are met with heart ache.

Sometimes, you notice the absence of something more than you notice the presence of the things that you have.

Once one learns to step back from the rush of every day life and examine the actual process of living, one will learn that living is a lot more than just going through the motions of waking up, trudging through the doldrums of society, and taking medicine to help us go to sleep and to wake up the next morning.

Noticing little things can make all the difference to sating our desire for the material:  The way the sun peers through the pine trees, mist swirling into your lungs as you breathe deeply, and the way the stars twinkle against the sky like brightly shining diamonds against velvet cloth.

Once we can appreciate that we are cosmic, a part of the universe, we can begin to reach out for peace, and love all the little things that surround us.

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