Waiting for Zeus’ Thunder

Post written by Monica Gaylor.

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”  Unknown

Paintings by Michelangelo.

Wait for It. 

A guilty pleasure I engage in is watching design shows.  With only antenna TV and a very demanding job this is a very limited activity for me.  But, it’s summer time.  I have a standing appointment at 2:00 everyday with Nate Berkus.  I was very excited to watch today (rerun) because Peter Walsh was the guest.  Peter Walsh changed my life.  I read his book, It’s All  Too Much, 3 times.  I took notes.  I set goals.  I moved from too much clutter to almost clutter-free (life is a work in progress.)  I became an avid reader of minimalist blogs.  And then, I started my own blog.  All because of Peter Walsh. 

Wait for It. 

It was such a fleeting thing that started me down this path.  I think I saw Peter on a piece of the Oprah Show that I managed to catch a part of.  Although the show was about hoarders, I think, (and I am no where near a hoarder) I felt what he was talking about.  I did think my house was over whelming and out of control.  Whatever symptoms he was talking about I had.  I wrote down the name of his book so that I could check it out from the library – someday, when I had time.  I, of course, lost that scrap of paper – but when I was at the library I remembered “some organizing” book I wanted to check out.  The poor librarian at the help desk actually found the book for me base on – “he was on the Oprah Show?”  A heroic effort if ever there was one.  All say it again – I love my library!

Wait for It. 

But, back to today. There was not much substance to today’s show.  There was a make-under by Carson Kressley.  And, there was lots of antics and hilarity between Carson and Nate, which was very entertaining.  They are so cute.  But, they really did not let Peter shine. 

Wait for It. 

And all I wanted was to get some really good advise from Peter. 

Wait for It. 

But, in the very last segment, Peter let loose his thunder with this golden tidbit.

(Crack.  Ka-Boom.  Ka-Blam.)

“Spend 5 or 10 minutes, quietly, imagining the life that you want to live moving forward.  Keep it firmly in mind.  And then look at what you have and ask yourself “Will it help me create that life?”  And if it does – hold on to it; if it doesn’t – then get rid of it!”

(Sizzle.  Sizzle.)

I felt like I had been bonked on the head.  Sometimes, you just have to wait through the antics, the hilarity, and the nonsense for that golden moment.  The moment of truth.

Walsh’s quote could apply to so many things (and not just the tangible): your home, your closet, the re-inventing of yourself, moving to a new house-city-country, a psychological / mental journey, a spiritual journey, a new kind of work, old worn-out ideas, unhelpful / unhealthy thoughts or habits, etc., any adjustment that moves you forward in your life to that point at which you are or strive to be better (or BeTOR – Beyond The Outer Rim). 

You have two choices:



“Change….is when we give up who we are, to become what we could be.”  Unknown

“The truly brave man is the one who dares everything for the sake of his own liberation.”  Unknown


2 thoughts on “Waiting for Zeus’ Thunder

  1. Shawna Crofford July 18, 2011 / 11:51 am

    Hey Monica,
    I’m on vacation this week & finally made the time to sit down and read your blog. I never knew you were a sci-fi-geek. Way cool I like sci-fi too. I must say I’m enjoying reading your work. I like the way you look at life!!!
    Love you cuz. ttyl. xoxox

    • Monica Gaylor July 18, 2011 / 3:58 pm

      Thanks. Sci-fi geeks should stick together. 🙂

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